The Libyan conflict - what you think

WAS Britain right to take part in air strikes on Libya following a United Nations resolution to impose a no fly zone?

Many people in Honiton question whether Britain has the financial resources for another war, while others fear civilian lives could be lost if action is not taken against Colonel Gaddafi.

Graham Bowring, 50, of Honiton, said: “We shouldn’t have entered into another conflict – we’ve got no money. That money needs to be given back to the working man and not spent on another war.”

Rachel McClure, 40, said: “I think we should be involved in the Libyan conflict, but the extent we are involved should be carefully controlled.

“We have the right to protect people that are too vulnerable to look after themselves.

“But it doesn’t mean bombing civilians when it can be avoided.

“I think it was the right thing for us to do.

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“It should be a collaborative effort with other capable parties.

“I don’t think we have the resources for another war, but it is difficult to choose what to spend our resources on. “We do seem to find the resources when conflicts are unnecessary.”

Anne Armstrong, 58, of Honiton, said: “I think we should let another country deal with it.

“I don’t think we should have entered into a conflict with Libya.”

Julie Boote, 54, of Seaton, said: “I think we have lost enough lives.”

Tony Simpson, of Honiton, said: “We should definitely not have entered into a conflict with Libya. The way out of this is not clear.

“The forces will be unable to drop bombs without anybody getting hurt.

“It is hypocritical to pretend otherwise.

“We haven’t got the resources – the country is almost bankrupt.

“Britain cannot afford another war.

“Behind this is Libyan oil - that is all it’s about.”

Liz Hayler, of Honiton, said: “I have been marching to stop the war and no government wants to listen about not selling arms to these people.

“I think we have to completely rethink our foreign policy and ethics.”

Roy Thorne, 73, said: “We should have entered into a conflict with Libya, but I think we are going to be in trouble later on.

“We are going to be the ones paying for it.

“We shouldn’t have entered into the last war. But we can’t let Gadaffi kill civilians – that is ridiculous.”

Michael Harding, 63, of Honiton, said: “I think we should do something about it.

“We should send some form of aid, whether it be military or otherwise.

“It is a bit tricky with resources, as we have already got people out in Afghanistan.

“We should send some form of aid, but we shouldn’t over do it.

“We shouldn’t enter into a full- scale war - just send some help in some way.

“There are times when we don’t interfere when people are being killed in genocides, like in Africa and places - look at the people there getting killed.”