The Pope is not welcome in Seaton

Residents concerned about the cost of state visit.

AS the Queen greeted the Pope in Edinburgh today, Midweek Herald readers expressed concern over the cost of the papal visit to the public purse.

It is Pope Benedict’s first state visit to the UK and could be his last - if local residents’ comments are heard in the corridors of power.

Residents in Seaton say they won’t be extending an invitation for the Pope to visit them, with most concerned over the cost of the visit and the Pope’s reactions to child abuse scandals in the Catholic Church.

Frank Simpkin, 81, from Seato, said: “I just feel the Pope has let the people down with the proven things that were done to the kids, which was not a fictional and made up thing.

“They were proven and no one has done anything about it.

“I think it is a terrible.

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“I don’t think he should be coming here.”

Derek Adams, 67, said: “I think it is a waste of time.

“We are going to Rome soon, so I hope he is back.

“It’s a lot of money for what it’s worth.”

John Lawrence, 73, said: “We are not a Catholic country and we shouldn’t have a state visit from the Catholic Church.

“I’ve got nothing against him personally but they should have funded it themselves as we are supposed to be ‘skint’ and they keep saying about the deficit.

“Why has he got to bring 11 people with him?”

Jennifer Piece said: “If you are Catholic and want to see him it probably means everything, but for me it doesn’t.

“I can understand why people want to meet him; it must be all things rolled into one and it must be wonderful for them.”

Simone Sibbald, 45, said: “I think they get too much money, which could be spent better elsewhere.

“I think a lot of it is the pomp and ceremony of it and the money could be better spent on the homeless.

“Charity begins at home and all that.”