The town said ‘no’

Call for council to stop ‘wasting money’

What on earth is going on at Honiton Town Council? For about 25 years now this ridiculously protracted debate/argument over the proposed community hall (now community centre complex) has rambled on and on.

Thousands of pounds spent/wasted on what is basically the dream child of a small group of like minded people, most of whom have moved on or at least forgotten all about it (and a good thing too).

So, finally, after a tiresome struggle, we arrive at the town poll when the good people of Honiton made it clear that they did not want this complex.

So what does Honiton Town Council do? Not only ignore the wishes of the townsfolk and proceed with their untenable scheme anyway, but then, if you please, chuck in another �36,000 of taxpayers’ money towards it by voting that sum onto the precept for next year.

Not all councillors, it has to be said, were in favour of this move but, nevertheless, the hard core element managed to get their way. The people voted no.

Listen to them and stop wasting our money.

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Richard Gaughan