The truth is about more than personal choice

Thought for the week

A few years back, the brilliantly named Manic Street Preachers (they’re a rock band) summed up many people’s attitude to truth with their album title “This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours” - as, it seems, people often think of truth as something they own and can make up as they go along.

But truth is about more than personal choice and the deepest truths need to be looked for and struggled with.

Christians don’t just believe in a philosophy or a set of doctrines and teachings, the ‘truth’ of our faith isn’t about rules, rituals or religion; Christian faith isn’t church, hymns, prayers or even a book.

Our faith is about a relationship with Jesus – it’s helped through praying, the Bible and church but, in the end, it’s about getting to know a person who is ‘The way, the truth and the life’.

He’s not a truth, but THE truth.