Theft from car leaves woman devastated

Honiton woman feels victimised for having a ‘nice’ car.

A Honiton woman says she feels victimised for having a ‘nice looking’ car after it was targeted by thieves.

Barbara Baker, who is retired, was devastated to discover on Mothering Sunday (March 18) that all four of her hub caps had been stolen from her car, which had been parked in Silver Street car park.

The 62-year-old said: “It is horrible – I feel like I have been victimised for having a car that looks nice.

“The car was in immaculate condition.

“Nothing like this has happened before.”

She is uncertain the exact date the hub caps were stolen as she had been unable to drive the car.

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Months prior to the hub caps being stolen the Nissan badges on the front and rear of the car were also stolen.

Miss Baker said: “I felt really upset and absolutely devastated – why me?

“It was so unnecessary – the car did look like someone owned it because it had a permit; it was not parked there and dumped.”

She added: “The badges I could cope with but now the car looks awful.

“How would they feel if someone stripped their car?”

Miss Baker told the Midweek Herald that the incident has made her weary of where she leaves her car and has forced her to park it in different locations.

She added: “It has made me worry about leaving the car to make sure nobody takes it.

“I have to check it all the time and move it about. It is a worry for me.”

Miss Baker admits that she has been left with no alternative as renting a garage is too costly.

Now, she is urging anyone who has been the victim of a similar incident or may have been a witness to come forward and report it to the police.

She added: “If this has happened to anybody else, please come forward and report it to the police because I just feel it is only me.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact police in Honiton on 101.