There is cause to be positive

Referring to the letter from Mr Brian Cann regarding Honiton town.

Maybe, as he lives in Dunkeswell, he is unaware of an impending development planned for an area of Honiton - namely Tower Road, Springfield. Twenty two hectares of land will, hopefully, be converted into a “sports complex” - football, rugby and cricket pitches; changing rooms and a pavilion.

Mr Cann’s sporting expertise could be very helpful to the development fund committee. Thanks a lot!

He also states that ‘Honiton is becoming a complete laughing stock regarding its High Street and shops’. That’s really funny until you remember there are high rents and rates and unsympathetic banks. It is also comic that organisations such as the “Tescosaurus” rely on unfair competition.

Finally, Mr Cann is unable to buy a pair of men’s trousers - this may have severe repercussions in the High Street. It may help to explain the preponderance of “men in shorts” appearing on our pavements, even in chilly weather.

A lot of positive aspects arise from a “scrap-heap” - ask those who live in Mumbai, India.

D C Rackett

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