There’s nothing like the fury of a woman scorned!

Or is there? Read what YOU think. Vox pop.

IN a scene reminiscent of horror movie The Shining, EastEnders character Vanessa Gold last week stabbed at a photo frame like a woman possessed.

In a classic episode of the BBC soap, she lost the plot after discovering partner Max’s affair with ex-wife Tanya.

She was tipped over the edge during a visit to the cheating pair’s love nest - when she unravelled a scrunched up note left for Tanya. “The bubbly’s in the fridge,” Max had written.

Dwelling on those words, the immaculately-styled and normally ultra houseproud Vanessa slipped into psycho mode.

She trashed the house.

Curtains were wrenched from their hooks before everything was swiped from the top of a sideboard and a coffee table was tipped over.

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Then came the photo frame...

But would you trash the house if you discovered your partner was cheating?

It would appear the thought would cross your mind - if you were answering this question on the internet.

A staggering 80 per cent of the hundreds who took part in a Midweek Herald web poll last week said they would follow Vanessa’s example.

But, when asked in person, women in East Devon said they would rather take the moral high ground than exact revenge.

Claire Veevers, 32, of Honiton, said: “I would definitely not trash the house if I found out my partner was having an affair, especially because of the money we have spent on it.

“I would get my revenge in another way – but I would hope my partner would never do that.

“I won’t say how I would get my revenge, as he might be reading.”

Joy Walters, 58, of Hemyock, said: “No, I certainly wouldn’t trash the house.

“I would just deal with it and talk to him.

“I wouldn’t take any revenge.

“It is not likely to make the situation better, instead it would probably make it worse.”

Nikki Hayfield, 33, said: “No, I would not trash my house if my partner was cheating.

“I might do something destructive like cut up their clothes, but you never know how you are going to react in that situation until it happens to you.”

Natalia Rowlands, 29, said: “No, I wouldn’t trash the house – I think I would just cry and feel sorry for myself.

“It would be an excuse to eat lots of ice cream.”

Paula Cole, 60, of Axminster, said: “Certainly not.

“I wouldn’t dream of trashing my house if I found out my partner was having an affair.

“Holding onto to the bitterness would hurt more.

“I don’t like destroying things.”

l Would you trash the house?

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