There will still be lorries

What are Jim Knight and Stephanie Jones on about? They have just proved beyond a reasonable doubt that they have not understood Tesco’s plans at all.

Have they not understood that Tesco cannot just bring the infill in by sea? It really doesn’t matter how much they bring in by sea, it still has to have retaining walls built around and through to contain the gravel, which is all they can blow through a pipe the length of which they are going to use. They have to build the settling tanks for the waste water to run through to take out all the fines, (these are the bits too small to stay with the gravel).

All the building materials for these things, and they have to be large and very solid to contain all this, will have to come in by road on large lorries. All the infrastructure for holding the pipe will have to be built. The pumping stations will have to be erected, the hub in the sea for the barges to attach to.

There is going to be a large number of lorry movements through Axmouth and Seaton.

Tesco has told us quite clearly in their various presentations that they are only building their store and the petrol station - their so-called partners are building the rest. Going on past Tesco’s developments, we shall not be getting any houses and it now looks as though we won’t get a visitor centre either as, by the time all the green issues are added, it will be too expensive in the current financial climate.

I thought that councillors were supposed to represent the people who voted for them. The greater number of people in Seaton and Axmouth are against this development for very sound reasons.

The planning committee has accommodated Tesco every step of the way.

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The plan goes against the Environment Agency’s guidelines for flood plain areas. The chances of accident while all this is going on must be incredible, the contamination of the Nature Reserves and Lyme Bay being the least of them. The damage caused will be irreversible.

Marilyn Coates