Thieves target cars in Beer and Colyton areas

Police warn motorists not to leave valuables in their vehicles

POLIVCE have issued an alert to drivers after a spate of thefts from vehicles in the Seaton area.

The neighbourhood policing team are advising motorists to ensure all valuable items are not left on display in cars.

Sp far this month the Seaton Rural area has seen three vehicles broken into.

A mobile phone, CDs, a torch and sunglasses were stolen from a Peugeot parked at Colyton Grammar School on November 11 (crime reference KN/10/448).

A make-up bag and contents were stolen from a Renault parked outside the Fountain Head, Branscombe

On November 13 ( crime reference KN/10/451)

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And a CD player, cds and sunglasses were stolen from a Peugeot parked in Underleys, Beer on November 16 (crime Ref KN/10/457).

Police officer Steve Speariett said: “If possible take your valuables with you or lock them out of sight. If you see anything suspicious or a crime taking place call 999.”

Anyone with information about the crones is asked to call 08452 77744 quoting the crime reference numbers.