Thinking or feeling?

Thought for the week.

When asked a question I often respond “Well, I think…” – apparently that shows that I value intellect, someone who is more naturally emotional would usually say “I feel….” and someone who is more of a ‘take it on faith’ type might say “I believe…”

Christian groups, Churches, Fellowships, often fall into one or the other of these.

Some value reason and intellect and their worship can seem very full of words, some seem to value feeling and emotion and will have acts of worship full of sound, colour, light and even smells and taste.

Other groups might prefer to be quiet, even silent and they consider and reflect on the mystery of God.

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None of these is better than another – God has made us all different, and we can get to know him in different ways.

God meets us wherever we are if only we are open to him.

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