Third World Britain?

Diminishing public services, pot holes and a huge deficit. Can things get any worse?

BRITAIN is a great nation in decline, according to East Devon residents. They fear the economy, services and roads are all going to pot.

In a bid to reduce the country’s enormous debt, taxpayers have seen a number of painful measures introduced - from the latest VAT hike to impending deep cuts across public services.

Even the roads have taken a battering, after the heaviest snowfall in decades left motorists dodging potholes. Shoppers in Honiton High Street fear the situation will get much worse in the years to come, but question how bad it will really get.

Tony Knight, 62, said: “Britain is in decline. We are in a mess that the previous Government left the country in.

“Something has got to happen, but we have got to grin and bear it.

“I don’t think people realised how much of a bad situation the country was in.”

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Claire Woods, 21, from Sidmouth, said: “We are a great nation in decline.

“I think the situation in Britain is rubbish.

“I am only young and I think the country has gone to pot.

“Can it get any worse?

“I do think it will definitely get worse.

“The state of the roads, with all the potholes, is ridiculous.

“My friend picked me up and she ruined two of her tyres because of the roads.”

Sarah Horton, aged 75, said: “ I think most of the country is in decline, but we’ll find a way out of it.

“It can’t get any worse.

“It is rather sad about the state of the roads, with the potholes, but we have to put up with it as they will get mended eventually.”

Eric Faulkner, aged 57, said: “I think Britain is in decline – everything is.

“It can always get worse and I think it may well do, but it is one for the politicians to sort out.

“It will get worse, no doubt about that.

“I have been driving for 30 or 40 years and the roads have got worse over that time.

“Potholes are one of the big problems. The whole country was hard hit from snow and ice.”

Local councillor Dianne Morgan said: “I feel, with the VAT and jobs, that is enough for people to bear at the moment. “The nation is going to have to take care, but I wouldn’t say we’re a nation in decline.

“People are going to take more care with the money they have.

“The potholes on the roads are particularly shocking and it is causing a lot of car damage.

“There is only so much that can be done with the resources that they have. They have been doing their best.

“It is a matter of everyone pulling together in the right direction, if we are going to get through it.”

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