Thought for the Week

Hallowe’en: Christians made out to be killjoys.

As you will all know, this coming weekend sees ‘Hallowe’en’ and, once again, Christians are made out to be kill joys by being uncomfortable with how it is celebrated!

However, many churches remember ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ (which became ‘All Hallow’s E’en’), as it was traditionally a time to give thanks, along with ‘All Soul’s Day’ for those who had died – but what we don’t like is the way that the modern Hallowe’en seems to make evil trivial and funny when we all know the real effect that evil has and we only have to see or hear the news to see what that means - the suffering and violence, indifference, injustice, hatred and intolerance in our world.

In Baptism (Christening) services, all who are baptised are called to ‘turn from evil and turn to Christ’. It would be good to have a time to celebrate faith, hope and love, perhaps?