Thought for the Week

A highlight of vicar’s year - and not just because he likes sprouts!

Having five parishes in my care, I’m often asked if I ever get bored of carols, services and Christmas lunches (five this year, plus Christmas Day).

It’s true that I sing Hark the Herald Angels at least 30 times each year and there are moments when the words ‘To you this day in the City of David…’ cause a shiver to run down my spine, but actually this time of celebration is a highlight of my year – not quite as much as Easter, but still a great time.

It’s not because I like sprouts (though I do) but because, no matter how many times I hear it, the Christmas story never gets old or boring – the love which saw God take human form, the simplicity of his birth and the truth we believe of God being one of us, God with us. Now that’s something worth hearing again and again!