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White Christmas more difficult than the expectation.

We all sing that we are dreaming of a White Christmas, but, if it becomes reality, it is rather more difficult than the expectation.

Some of our Christmas carol services had to be cancelled as it was unsafe trying to get to churches in the icy snow and many events have been curtailed by the weather.

Expectation and reality rarely match!

Christmas itself is like that: not just the expectation of wonderful presents that turn out to be socks, hankies and dodgy jumpers, but that in Jesus’ day it was expected that when Messiah came he would be a mighty warrior and defeat Israel’s enemies.

Instead, he came as a child - weak, vulnerable, born in a stable and growing up to teach love, service, God’s forgiveness and grace, truth, faithfulness and peace.

May you see some more of the unexpected Jesus this Christmas time – and a very happy Christmas to you all.

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