Thought for the Week

You may have notice that I tend to talk about faith a lot, this may not come as a surprise, it’s what’s expected of the ‘professionally religious’.

What surprises me, though, is that when people get the opportunity most are willing, even longing, to talk about faith quite freely. It’s just that we don’t get than many chances to really talk these things through.

Much as I love being a part of church, the traditional songs/prayers/readings/sermon/bread/wine format of our services doesn’t give much space for conversations. This is why Christianity Explored, Alpha, Emmaus and other groups which talk about faith are so valuable – we even have an evening called ‘Believe It? Or Not?’ that meets in the Yarcombe Inn on the fourth Tuesday of each month!

However and wherever you do it, discussing and thinking about faith is important, so, as the TV ads used to say, ‘Keep Talking’.