Thought for the Week

The love we need...

Love is such an important part of our lives – we need it, say the clever scientist types, from the moment we are born. It’s the obsession of poets and writers, singers and sages, movies and books.

The Beatles even said it was all you need! In this National Marriage Week which leads up to Valentine’s day we remember that in the love between people, particularly in marriage relationships at their best, we can glimpse God’s perfect and everlasting love.

It’s not always an easy love; it takes work and is about more than feeling nice, warm and fluffy – true love is an act of will and commitment. True love is tough love, forgiving love, giving love and a love willing even to sacrifice itself – that’s the kind of hard-as-nails love Jesus showed us on the cross.

That’s the love we long for and we need. That’s the love of God.