Thought for the week

Let go of sin and start again.

I wonder how our ‘Lenten disciplines’ are going?

Have we stuck with the things we were going to try to do? Have we managed to avoid those things we were going to avoid?

Many people feel very guilty if they don’t manage to live up to standards they have set for themselves, or to the standards they feel they should live up to – set by family, friends, society, the church or whatever.

But feeling guilty doesn’t often help. Guilt weighs us down, but rarely makes us do anything apart from feel bad. On the other hand, ‘repentance’, which Christian faith encourages, means leaving behind our guilt - along with the bad things, the ‘sin’, we have done (or good things we’ve not done) and starting again.

As Jesus said to one person caught doing wrong; “Go, and sin no more.”

So we can let go of sin and start again.