Thought for the week

God knows about pain.

In the job I’m in I meet lots of people in pain.

Emotional, spiritual, physical – the pain is very real and people ask, quite understandably: “Where is God in all of this?”

Good Friday, which is this Friday, is where we see God in the middle of the pain of the world.

God knows about pain - not in a “there, there, it will all be OK” kind of way or an “oh dear, I feel for you” kind of way.

Good Friday shows us that God knows in a ‘whipped until you bleed nailed-through hands and feet’ kind of way.

It was real, Jesus felt it.

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Good Friday is the day when the Church remembers God’s pain.

we look forward to the celebration of Easter and the new life of the resurrection, but, before that, we see the God-made-man who suffered, died and who understands pain.

May you know God with you whatever you are going through.