Thought for the Week

Trinity Sunday

All that “Father, Son and Holy Spiggot” stuff I wrote last week has got me thinking even more about how we talk about God in church.

It can all be very confusing.

Some people prefer “Creator, Redeemer, Companion” in trying to talk about the God we describe as “The Holy Trinity”.

Many churches will be preaching on this theme this week on “Trinity Sunday” (which is also Father’s Day, but ironically we won’t be talking about God as “Father” without adding on “Son and Holy Spirit”).

Trinity Sunday reminds me that no matter how hard we try to put God in a ‘spiritual box’, He (or She, according to many bits of the Bible) won’t fit; our words aren’t big enough to contain a God who is beyond our understanding.

For now, though, we use the best words we can as God helps us to understand more of Him.