Thought for the Week

Hold on to what is good and true.

I’ve been laid low for a week and a half with a flu bug – which is frustrating as there’s so much going on at the moment, fetes, fayres, rallies, end of term celebrations and much more.

It’s been a good reminder, though, that none of us can take for granted our plans or know what’s coming around the next bend of life.

It’s not that we shouldn’t plan, hope, or prepare, but if we take for granted all we have – including our tomorrows – we risk forgetting what is important about today.

Jesus summed it up by saying ‘seek God’s kingdom first and everything else will be given you’ – by which he seems to mean, get your priorities right, don’t focus on the trivial and meaningless, but on that which is of the greatest value.

Hold on to what’s good, true and right as you live each day to the fullest.