Thought for the Week

Christians are not ‘clones’.

One of the interesting things about talking to people about church is that I get a lot of ‘Oh, churchgoers are all like this’ or ‘Church is always that’ – as if becoming a Christian means becoming a clone (and, if some of those I speak to are right, that would involve being an uptight, morally superior, Bible-bashing, joyless ‘nutjob’ clone).

Actually, my experience of church is exactly the opposite, everyone is different – there aren’t many who are uptight or joyless, though more than once I’ve been described as slightly mad, and the idea of Christians thinking they’re better than anyone else couldn’t be further from the truth – most of us feel totally inadequate and are glad that God loves us as we are.

Christian faith isn’t about conforming, it’s about being transformed and truly discovering who God wants us to be; filled with life, hope, joy, faith and love.