Thought for the Week

Make the best of things - even the weather.

Like most people on holiday recently we have had very mixed weather and, in the way of most preachers, I can’t help but think ‘there’s a message in that somewhere’.

I’m not going to say anything about ‘life having sunshine and showers’, as that’s a bit obvious, but on this holiday we’ve had to think carefully about what we do in response to the weather.

We could have sat miserably in our tent drinking tea and moaning, or we could (as we did) find things to do and make the most of what’s available.

There’s no point worrying about it – Jesus himself said: “Who by worrying can add even an inch to their height?” But we can make the best of what we have and in times of real crisis we also have a loving God to turn to, who is with us in all circumstances.

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