Thought for the Week

We’re just beginning one of the most dramatic parts of the Church year - where we remember the last few days of the life of Jesus.

The story tells us that Jesus rode into Jerusalem with crowds declaring their admiration and love for him, but days later the same people were shouting ‘Crucify Him’ because, it seems, Jesus wasn’t the kind of Messiah they wanted.

Many wanted a Messiah who would duff up the Romans, the occupying army, and free Israel from invaders – Jesus wasn’t that kind of leader at all, but more concerned with God’s love, forgiveness, hope and faith.

Perhaps when you think of Jesus, you want him to be a certain type of leader, Guru, teacher or Holy Man – but the Bible tells us Jesus never lives up to our expectations and yet is more than we could ever expect – Jesus isn’t who we think he is!

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