Thugs jailed for Honiton attack

Victim was beaten beyond recognition, Exeter Crown Court heard.

A VIOLENT duo drunkenly battered a complete stranger “beyond recognition” in an “horrific” attack in Honiton town-centre, a court heard.

Shaun Boyd and Zaq Bevan repeatedly kicked and stamped on the head of university graduate Gregory Broad - then carried their helpless victim 200 yards down King Street before unleashing more brutality.

Boyd, 19, of Phillips Square, Honiton, and Bevan, 21, of Lincoln Close, Feniton, were jailed for five-and-a-half years when they appeared at Exeter Crown Court last Wednesday.

Both had pleaded guilty to charges of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Their victim Mr Broad, 23, was so badly injured that police struggled to make out his facial features when they discovered him lying unconscious and covered in blood in the grounds of a dental practice.

The assault took place in the early hours of March 13, 2010.

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Passing sentence, Recorder Nicholas Hall told both offenders: “Gregory Broad went out for an ordinary evening of socialising in Honiton. He ended up battered beyond recognition, covered in his own blood, in the grounds of a dentist. Having kicked your victim senseless at least fifteen times, you then chose to carry him, as he lay helpless, a further 200 yards where you subjected him to further kicking and stamping.

“The affect on Mr Broad was significant head injuries, massive facial injuries and broken teeth.

“Mr Broad has had what one would view as a remarkable recovery from the ordeal, but it is plain he is still suffering the consequences of your conduct nearly 18 months later.”

Prosecutor David Gittins had described how a witness dialled 999 after she saw two men kicking a body in an alleyway off King Street at around 3.20am.

Another then spotted the “animated” pair carrying a heavy object down King Street – stopping only to kick it.

Police, who found Mr Broad, described his injuries as “horrific”. Officers arrested Bevan near the scene. His trainers were covered in the victim’s blood.

Boyd was arrested at home the following day. Mr Broad’s blood was found on his hoodie.

Mr Broad woke in a hospital bed with no recollection of the assault. He underwent surgery on injuries, including a fractured nose.

Boyd and Bevan both claimed they had no memory of the incident.

Both had been drinking on the night in question.

Boyd will serve his sentence in a young offender’s institution. His defence counsel, Rebecca Bradberry, said the teen suffered from alcohol problems and was “upset at the distress he’s caused”.

Mitigating for Bevan, who was sent to prison, Malcolm Galloway said his client had “shown remorse”.

Boyd was given an extra year behind bars for a separate attack on a jogger.