Toilet doors - explained

Paint job is in hand.

I just felt I needed to answer one of the letters in last week’s Midweek Herald from Mrs J Kempson.

She is thanking us for designating a couple of the cubicles as ladies, which we have done after listening to customer concerns. She goes on to complain that we haven’t painted the doors (as it is Seaton not Sidmouth).

We work very hard to provide an excellent StreetScene in Seaton, and divide our efforts equally between all the towns. The reason the doors have not yet been painted (as when we removed the old signs, the wood underneath was bare, the new signs are smaller) is that we are waiting for the RAL numbers so we can match the colour of the paint. Failing obtaining these from the contractor who refurbished the toilets for us, we are going to repaint the doors in the Seaton Maroon colour.

The job is in hand and we hadn’t neglected it because it was Seaton!!

Andrew Hancock

Streetscene Manager

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