Town council hell-bent on community centre

Resident urges move to magistrates’ court.

Yet again, I see, on your front page of this week’s issue, the wretched town council’s hell-bent determination on pursuing this ego-trip of a new community centre.

Back last August, in the Knowle’s council chamber, I, and others, gave our frank opinions on this nonsense.

I said then that our people would soon be hurting with loss of jobs and hours of employment, and that the confounded town council should withdraw from the parallel universe on which they seem to reside.

The council’s main purpose is to serve the people they represent who are now hurting.

The New Street premises are quite adequate for a town council but, if needs must, why not move them to the magistrates’ court where they’ll be out of sight and out of mind and with a minimum of cost.

This continuing arrogance being demonstrated by the town council is totally unacceptable and they surely need a swift kick where it hurts to wake them out.

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Peter Townsend

The Pines