Traffic concerns raised

Honiton Town Council meets with Devon County Council officers to discuss problems in Dowell Street.

Honiton Town Council has met with representatives from Devon County Council to discuss traffic issues in Dowell Street.

Former Councillor Ron Farnham, who has campaigned for improvements in that part of the town, also attended the meeting – representing the views of residents in the area.

Councillor Vernon Whitlock told the town council, at a meeting last week, that issues had been raised about ongoing concerns about traffic flow in Dowell Street.

The site visit included discussion of potential solutions for the road’s junction with High Street, which will be investigated further county council, district council and the town council.

The town clerk, Lyn Hargood, highlighted decisions made by East Devon District Council in the local plan, the potential for future development of sites in Dowell Street and concerns over air quality.

It was agreed that the county council would commission an up-to-date manual traffic count for the Dowell Street and High Street junction.

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This will provide information on the number of vehicles using the junction and turning movements.

The county council will also review the effectiveness of HGV routes.

The condition of the carriageway and the effect this has on noise and vibration problems was also raised with county council officers.

Councillor Vernon Whitlock said the county council has confirmed resurfacing of the road is scheduled for 2012.

Defects in the carriageway will be repaired and a new surface will be put in place to reform and re-patch damaged areas.