Trolley dollies wanted to fly with dinosaurs

stewards and stewardesses needed for Jurassic Airlines’ maiden flight at Lyme Regis

AIRLINE stewards and stewardesses are wanted – for a trip back in time.

They are needed to man the trolleys on a “flight” across the Jurassic coast when Lyme Regis hosts the Earth Festival in May.

On board the Jurassic Airlines 737 flight simulator, passengers will be transported back 185 million years to fly with pterodactyls and plunge beneath Jurassic seas to spot pliosaurs.

But before they can “take off” organisers need to find some volunteers to act as airline stewards and stewardesses for the simulator when it is based on Marine Parade from May 4-10.

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They will be fully trained to welcome passengers and put them through the scanner to check for ‘time pollutants’, seat them in the departure lounge, check boarding passes, do on-board safety checks and generally look after them during the 15 minute “flight”.

While severe turbulence is not expected, there may be some motion, particularly when the 737 moves into warp speed. Volunteers should contact the Earth Festival office on 01297 444042.

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* The simulator, a highly innovative piece of technology, is being developed by Richard Hartnell, of Hartnell Creative in Uplyme. After its stint in Lyme it will be based in Weymouth from July 26 - to September 9.

This is an extract from the onboard narrative, giving a flavour of the enterprise:

“Woah! We’re Going to Pangea!

(with apologies to Typically Tropical)

“Ladies, gentlemen and children, this is your Captain, Bill Oxborrow, welcoming you aboard your low-carbon Jurassic Airlines flight 2012 to Pangea. We will shortly be flying back through time at an average speed of 309,000 years per second at an altitude of around 100 feet above prevailing sea level. No refreshments will be served on board and mobile phones must be switched off or into aircraft mode. Please ensure that your seatbelt is fastened as we may experience time turbulence.

“As we pass along the Jurassic Coast and head out over the Earth to view our ancient planet I’ll be pointing out other World Heritage sites and some of the features which make our coastline so unique.

“If you look out of the port and starboard windows you may see a dinosaur or two. We’ve been spotting some pretty large Pliosaurs in the area which so remember to have your camera ready if you want to catch a good snap.

“The temperature in Pangaea is a warm 42o Celsius and our estimated return journey time is somewhere between 10 minutes and 185 million years.

“On behalf of the Onboard crew and myself we wish you a very pleasant journey and hope you will fly with Jurassic Airlines again soon.”

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