Trustees upbeat about future of Millennium Green

IN?SPITE of a poor turnout, trustees of Honiton s Millennium Green left a public meeting upbeat about the beauty spot s future.

IN?SPITE of a poor turnout, trustees of Honiton's Millennium Green left a public meeting upbeat about the beauty spot's future.

Just a handful of people attended the event, hosted by deputy mayor Councillor Peter Fleming in the Senior Citizens' Centre last Thursday night.

Although money is tight, the trustees have secured enough finance to thin out trees and are upbeat that working parties will lead to the formation of a friends' group.

They have resisted calls to ban dogs from the green, pointing out dog walkers make up at least 50 per cent of those using the area.

Chairman Richard Howe said: "We didn't have a very good turnout, but I am not at all despondent.

"Questions were asked, issues tackled and we all came away fairly positive."

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He explained: "The Trust has had money problems in the past. However, Honiton Town Council has increased its allocation to us to �2,000. We are very grateful for that.

"The green was landscaped 10 years ago and all but one tree has survived. Some are getting too tall.

"We can deal with that issue."

Mr Howe said new trustees would be welcome. "It is very useful when people come along and volunteer.

"One came forward during the meeting."

On the subject of the formation of a friends' group, he said: "I hope we will get a good group of friends, who will give a hand when required."

On the subject of dogs, Mr Howe said: "Quite a vociferous lobby wants us to ban dogs, but it is our view that dogs are not a major nuisance. We can't ban them.

"Dog walkers make up 50 per cent of the green's users."

The trustees would like to see the green used more. A band concert is planned for Market Charter Day and two more could take place during 2010.

The Millennium Green is held in trust for the people of Honiton.

The public open space is managed by an independent charity but, to ensure its continuence, that charity needs sponsorship.

If you are willing to sponsor a bandstand or art installation at the site, contact the Herald.