Union threatens court action over civilian job losses

Investigator roles will be taken over by higher paid staff, GMB claims. However, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary says no decision has been made about job losses and that a consultation is ongoing.

The GMB union has criticised Devon and Cornwall Constabulary over claims it is to make 79 civilian investigators redundant.

It says it will go to court in a bid to halt the job losses.

The police force, however, says: “The consultation is still ongoing and no decision has been made in relation to civilian investigators and meetings with union representatives take place on a regular basis.”

The union claims police officers, who are paid more than civilians, could be trained to take over the roles.

“This is a wilful waste of money and it will also not help that there will be less police on Devon’s streets,” the union’s Congress was told.

The GMB has alleged Civilian investigator roles are likely to go across the force area, including Exeter.

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Kevin Norman, a GMB organiser, said: “These are not 79 lost posts. Instead, they are 79 posts that will be taken over by frontline police officers. The impact on police efficiency will be great.”