UPDATE: Armed raid discussed by town council

Armed raid worries civic leaders. Councillors assured Honiton CID is on the case.

THE DAY after a Honiton family was terrorised in their own home by two armed intruders, civic leaders expressed their fears to police.

Addressing Pc Ian Atyeo at Honiton Town Council’s first meeting of 2011 last night (Monday), deputy mayor and former policeman Councillor Vernon Whitlock said: “My family and neighbours are very worried and anxious about the burglary.”

Councillor Whitlock lives a stone’s throw from Rowcroft Close where a respected Honiton family fended off attackers early on Sunday night.

The intruders fled empty-handed after the homeowners’ grown-up son overpowered one of them. Friends and neighbours have praised his bravery.

Pc Atyeo told councillors: “It is a fast developing situation and Honiton CID has got it fully in hand and have got some very strong leads, which they are following up as we speak.

“All I can say at this stage, as the public and yourselves are aware, this is a very rare occurrence in Honiton.

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“I would like to think when we get a rare occurrence we are well on top of it and we get good, positive results out of it.

“It was not a nice incident but a rare occurrence for Honiton and East Devon.”

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