UPDATE: Manhunt was police training exercise

Witnesses thought it was real.

DEVON and Cornwall Constabulary has today revealed that police activity near Exeter Airport last night was part of a training exercise.

Office workers, including the editor of the Midweek Herald, were startled to see police dog handlers conducting an apparent chase through landscaped areas of Fair Oak Close, at Exeter Airport Business Park.

The action unfolded shortly after 7pm.

Midweek Herald editor Belinda Bennett said: “I popped outside for a breath of fresh air and saw two men with dogs go up the side of the hedge outside my office.

“They were moving quickly, but quietly.

“I then heard a dog barking and someone shouted ‘come out or we will send the dogs in’.

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“I rushed back indoors, in case the dogs picked up my scent and came after me.”

The authentic-looking exercise was made even more realistic when a report of the drama was posted on the Midweek Herald website - while the action was still unfolding outside.

It goes to show, the Press can act as quickly as the emergency services!