UPDATE: Massive cracks open up in clifftop road

Chasm widens as one carriageway of Old Beer Road collapses - residents call for safety fencing to keep people away

Cracks in a clifftop road at Seaton have dramatically widened overnight

The Old Beer Road was closed yesterday (Thursday) after local residents warned it was in imminent danger of collapsing into the sea.

Highways engineers have shut it to traffic while they assess the situation.

Local resident Bob Spalding said today (Friday): “There has been more movement overnight.

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“I feel that there should be a construction site type fence around it to keep people away but let pedestrians through.”

Mr Spalding fears the road will eventually collapse.

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He said: “It’s going to go. It is right next to the cliff edge and when you look back from Beer you can see some of the shrubbery is falling away and it is beginning to go.

“My main concern is that it could go at any time and anyone in the vicinity could go with it.”

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