UPDATE: Police find Tyler’s bike

‘Pride and joy’ stolen from rear of Honiton Youth Centre.

A BMX bike, described as a teenager’s “pride and joy”, has been reunited with its owner - thanks to police.

Tyler Morrell, 17, left the white FitBike TRL 3 outside Honiton Youth Centre last Saturday while he attended an event in Exeter.

It was gone when he returned.

As Tyler made an appeal for the bike to be returned, a police officer spotted it in a hedge and took it to Honiton Police Station.

“I was in a mad rush to get to the mini bus and, unfortunately, didn’t have time to lock my bike up,” Tyler told the Midweek Herald.

“When I returned later in the evening, my bike had gone. I was very upset!”

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He added: “My bike isn’t just a bike to me. When I bought it, it was in a state and I rebuilt it to perfection.

“It is my pride and joy.”