UPDATE: Residents want armed raiders caught

Wave of sympathy and concern for victims.

HONITON residents want armed raiders, who left a man and woman in hospital after confronting them in their own home, caught as quickly as possible.

They are concerned for the well-being of the victims and wish them a speedy recovery.

Honitonian Annmarie Waller said: “It is disgusting that you can’t feel safe in your own home these days.

“I hope the culprits get caught and I hope the couple this happened to make a speedy recovery.”

Julie Phillips, who lives in nearby Whitebridges, said: “What is society coming to?

“Years ago, you could leave your door open and no one would enter your home.

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“It’s scary to think this is just up the road from us.

“I hope the people concerned recover soon and the low lives who did this get caught and jailed.”

See previous stories on this website for more details about last night’s incident.

Update to follow. Police statement expected shortly.