UPDATED: I want my money NOW!

Wages, due in account on Saturday, will not be paid again today (Tuesday). Editor hits out.

As people who know me will tell you, I’m not one to use foul language. However, I’m on the verge of tirade - but, don’t worry, Midweek Herald readers will never hear it.

No, it will be staff at my bank who yesterday (Monday) assured me my wages, due last Saturday, would be in my Royal Bank of Scotland account today.

In the meantime, they generously (not) gave me a grand total of �29 to live on.

Surprise, surprise, no wages.

Instead, I have received a text message saying: “We are extremely sorry to say that the technical problems at RBS mean that once again we are unable to credit your account...”

Sorry? Sorry! Well, I’m sorry, that is just not good enough.

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I want all my wages TODAY - not �29 - so that I can properly budget for the month ahead and do all the things I usually do when I get paid - like do the monthly food shop, pay the rent, council tax and load up my gas and electric keys.

Are you suffering from the ongoing issues caused by last week’s computer glitch? Comment below.

UPDATE: It is now Wednesday and still no wages - just another text.

FURTHER UPDATE - 1.28pm, Wednesday. Just received text saying my wages should be in my account by 4pm. We’ll see...

LATEST UPDATE: The bank has swiped back the cash it put in my account to tide me over - before it has credited my account with my wages - leaving me rather embarrassed at the checkout in The Original Factory Shop, where I was about to buy a new vacuum cleaner!! 3.06pm. Hang on to that vacuum! I hope to be back shortly.

NEW UPDATE: I have been paid!!!!!! 3.11pm.

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