Uplyme pupils study the appliance of science

Youngsters conduct experiments to see how chemical reactions help in our daily lives

THE practical appliance of science was put under the microscope by pupils at Uplyme Primary School last week.

The youngsters conducted a series of experiments to discover how chemical reactions are harnessed to enhance people’s lives.

Their everyday science investigations included finding out about aerosol cream and how butter is made from milk and cream.

They also found out how carbon dioxide gets put into drinks to make them fizzy and made hovercraft from CDs and balloons, as well as conducting chromatography experiments and blowing bubbles to study surface tension. Making an explosive mixture from vinegar and baking powder was a particular favourite - if a little smelly!

Head of teaching and learning Mary-Anne Crafter said the day had been a great success helping the children to understand the important part science plays in all their lives.