Uplyme vicar wants to harvest men’s pants

Fruit and veg may be bright and beautiful but Rev Gavin Tyte would rather see underwear at his harvest festival

AN East Devon vicar is banning fruit and vegetables from his harvest festival.

The Rev Gavin Tyte says he would rather see Uplyme Church full of men’s underpants than perishable gifts no one needs.

“This year, I don’t want to see a single windfall apple or a marrow in church,” he has told parishioners.

Mr Tyte explained that each harvest time they have a special collection for the homeless in Exeter.

He said: “We do this through supporting the work of St Petrock’s, a charity based in the city centre. I want us to provide what the homeless really need. So, I want you to start collecting now.”

Mr Tyte’s list of alternative “bright and beautiful” things he wants donated include:

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* Men’s new underwear – pants and socks.

* Men’s jeans (which don’t need to be new) – all sizes, particularly small, waist 32 - 34.

* Men’s belts.

* Dry dog food.

* Men’s toiletries – toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo and disposable razors.

* Kitchen consumables – eco washing powder, washing up liquid, J-cloths, sponges and scourers - for the St Petrock’s kitchen.

Mr Tyte adds: “Yes, it would be easier to go and pick up a few windfall apples. Instead, let’s put ourselves out and collect these items.”

But he told The Herald that he was not against the odd marrow for decorative purposes at the harvest festival – on September 18. And he said donations of tinned or dried foods would also be welcome.

** Since being contacted by the Midweek Herald Mr Tyte has amended his website and removed the sentence “This year I don’t want to see a single windfall apple or marrow in church” from his harvest festival appeal.