Urgent appeal for more Seaton firefighters

Crews from other towns may have to cover incidents unless new recruits can be found

A SHORTAGE of retained firefighters has set alarm bells ringing at Seaton.

Brigade chiefs say the situation is now so urgent they face having to send crews from other towns to cover incidents in the resort.

Seaton station commander Robin Hammett said they desperately needed more volunteers, able to turn out during the day and night.

He said: “Firefighters are normal people who live or work in the community. They are builders, housewives, postal workers and shopkeepers – in fact, they come from all and every walk of life. The only thing they have in common is that they have all decided to put something back into the community by becoming trained as firefighters.

“Now it is the firefighters themselves that need help, there simply aren’t enough of them. Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue service can provide the station, engines, equipment and training but the firefighters themselves have to come from the community.

“We know that there are many more women that are capable of becoming firefighters who are reluctant to put themselves forward. Most people believe that the physical strength required to be a fire-fighter is greater than it actually is.”

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A spokesman for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service added: “In the event of additional firefighters not been found, there may be occasions in the future when appliances from other stations have to attend incidents in Seaton.”

Applicants must be at least 18 and physically fit. They need to be available Monday to Friday and, in particular, during the daytime. Successful applicants will have a chance to attend first aid courses and LGV driving courses.

Anyone interested is invited to an open evening on Monday May 9 when the Seaton station will be open from 7 pm to 9 pm, with people there to give information on the role of a fire-fighter. There will also be the chance to have a look at some of the equipment the engine carries and to chat informally with local firefighters.

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