Vandals have a smashing time in Honiton

But antics are no joke for business owners.

BUSINESS owners in Honiton have been left picking up the pieces after their windows were smashed.

Honiton Toy Shop and C H Baker and Sons had their windows broken during an incident, which occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning at approximately 1.40am.

Two men were caught on CCTV footage, which shows one of the men kicking the main display window of the toy shop.

Honiton Toy Shop owner Pamela Beckett said: “The fact is, it is meaningless damage. They haven’t got any idea how much inconvenience it has caused.

“I lost my Sunday afternoon sorting it out. You then have to make all the phone calls to the insurance company and have to hang around to wait for the window to be fixed - to make it safe, so people don’t cut themselves on it.”

Mrs Beckett added: “Now I have to pay more as my insurance premiums go up.

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“It is the costs you incur because of the inconvenience of it. What did they get out of it?

“They just broke it for the sheer hell of it and carried on walking. It is just sheer mindlessness.”

Damage was also done to the shop front of C H Baker and Sons, which is next door to the toy shop.

The owner of Baker and Sons, Duncan Baker, said: “It is just the inconvenience of it. “I feel sad that somebody has got that sort of attitude.

“It is a pity that they can’t be made to come back and pay for it.”

The two were seen leaving the area heading towards the Monkton Road end of town.

The CCTV footage is currently being looked at by police, who are appealing for witnesses, who may have seen the men leaving the area, to come forward.

Anyone with information can call Police on 08452 777444.