Village records zero crime rate for 34th month

Crime figures continue to fall in rural communities around Seaton - with no incidents at Northleigh since 2009

Crime continues to fall In the Seaton rural policing division, according to the latest figures.

Just eight offences were dealt with by officers in July – a drop of 60 per cent on the 20 recorded in the same period last year.

Colyton enjoyed the largest decrease in crime – down from eight recorded incidents last month to just two. These involved an attempt to set fire to a bin in the Peace Memorial playing fields and a report of a “dangerous” dog attacking another pet.

By contrast, Axmouth saw its crime rate double – but only to two incidents.

A set of towels was reported stolen from a holiday home and a van parked at the Harbour Inn had its tyres damaged.

Northleigh remains crime free since September 2009. And no crimes were reported last month at Combpyne, Rousdon, Farway and Southleigh.

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Community beat officer PC Steve Speariett said the figures were encouraging.

““For the 13th consecutive month crime continues to be below the long-term average,” he told The Herald.

“We have seen a substantial reduction – 60 per cent - compared to last year and the crime total is well below the long-term average. Although we have seen reductions in police numbers, the neighbourhood team at Seaton will endeavour to police the community as best we can to ensure crime levels are kept as low as possible.”

Anyone with any information about crime in the area is asked to contact Seaton Police Station on 101, by e-mail at or call crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.