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We are Honitonians of just under five years standing, but how we appreciate what it has to offer!

Always remembering that Honiton is a small town, it’s my opinion that it has life and substance not found in very many other towns of a similar (or larger) size.

There are many where, come the afternoon, even Saturday afternoons, the streets are deserted and shops close early. Not so here, there always seems to be activity, people wanting to be on the High Street, going about their business!

As for the comments about not being able to buy a 5 amp fuse or a PP9 battery, these are available in at least one if not two shops on the High Street. Just off the High Street we have a super greengrocers. I wonder how often that person chooses to visit Honiton. So we don’t have a gents’ outfitters where a regular suit can be bought. Not so many people buy suits now and tend to go to large stores for the choice that is available. But we do have an excellent shop where good quality, excellent value jackets and trousers, as well as shirts, jumpers and all other gentlemanly items, can be bought and it comes helped by genuine service delivered with a smile.

We also have butcher’s, baker’s, toy shops, craft shops, jewellery shops, fashion clothes shops, stationers, newsagents, a specialist coffee/tea and brewing supplies shop, a music shop and more and more... We actually don’t do badly at all.

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Yes, perhaps we do have too many charity shops. But let’s remember the other side of that argument; they provide a valuable recycling service and good value for those who need or choose to spend their money carefully. At the same time they are raising funds for charities that do invaluable work and ones which many of us will need at some time in our lives! Nor is there any harm in being recognised as an important antiques venue, that also serves to bring value to the town as well as visitors.

And for the comments that suggest the High Street is one of the worst in Devon because of the narrow and dangerous pavements and that many of the shop fronts are in a state of disrepair, I would urge an afternoon or two visiting a few of these others and make an honest comparison. Honiton stands up very well!

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