Wait and be patient

Thought for the week.

I am sure I’m much less patient than I used to be.

I find myself frustrated with those who drive slowly through lanes or, even worse, on main roads.

I like my coffee quick (though not instant!), I’m annoyed by the speed of my PC, I want my fast food to be really fast and for people to do what I ask when I ask them to do it… including – or perhaps especially – my children!

I know that many want Christmas to be NOW, preferably with lots of presents! The church, however, considers these days leading to Christmas, Advent-tide, to be important because they are about waiting, learning to trust God’s way of doing things, letting go of the selfish ‘I want’ world we live in and turning to the ‘Thy will be done’ world Jesus encouraged us to be concerned with.

Advent says: “Wait, be patient, God will come.”