Warning over bank holiday drinking

One drink too many could change your life.

Devon and Cornwall Police are reminding people to drink alcohol responsibly during the bank holidays.

The police often see an increase in drink related antisocial behaviour and violence particularly if the weather is good.

Superintendent Julie Whitmarsh from Devon and Cornwall Police said: “We want everyone to enjoy themselves – responsibly and safely.

“We know that whilst most people drink responsibly, there are a small minority that do not.”

She added: “Alcohol can dramatically change someone’s behaviour which often results in them doing something they may not do whilst sober.

“We are asking people to think about the consequences before they begin their night out.

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“We want people to remember that one drink too many could change their night and the repercussions of their actions could lead to a criminal record.”

It is important that people eat before they go out to reduce the effects of alcohol and drink regularly during the evening. Don’t try to keep up with friends who drink more and always walk away from trouble.