Warning over letter and telephone scams

Police in Seaton urge residents be on their guard following reports of a number of scams circulating in the area.

Residents in Seaton and the surrounding area are being urged to be on their guard for fraudsters.

Seaton neighbourhood policing team has issued the warning after receiving several reports of letter and telephone scams.

A police spokesman said: “Quite often they follow a similar pattern whereby the sender has been dealing with a client who has subsequently died and their money is held at a financial organisation.

“As there is no next of kin the sender is willing to release these funds to you rather than it go to the local government.

“If you do reply you will then be asked to send administration fees in order to release the money, initially this may only be a small amount but the fraudsters will then request more money.

He added: “Many victims continue to pay as once you have made a commitment you do not want to lose your money. In some cases several thousand pounds have been handed over and on no occasions has any money ever been received from the fraudsters.

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“You should never reply – even to say no as your details are then sent to other fraudsters who will target you.”

Police say there are a number of scams currently circulating in the area including a computer scam where victims receive telephone calls claiming to be from Microsoft and are asked for payment to remove a virus on their computer,

For more information visit www.direct.gov.uk/en/Governmentcitizensandrights/Consumerrights/Protectyourselffromscams/index.htm