Warning to hay fever sufferers

Met Office predicts high pollen levels for the South West tomorrow (Thursday).

HAY FEVER suffers are being urged to prepare as the Met Office predicts high pollen levels for tomorrow (Thursday, June 8).

Symptoms, which can include itchy eyes, sneezing, a runny nose and congestion, are usually set off in late spring and early summer.

Boots Pharmacist, Angela Chalmers, has shared some useful tips to help combat the symptoms and enjoy the summer weather.

For regular sufferers it is important to start an anti-hay fever regime early in the season.

Treatments available include antihistamine tablets, steroid nasal sprays, eye drops and anti-allergy devices.

The best way to avoid hay fever is to minimise contact with pollen by keeping doors and windows closed, wearing wrap around sunglasses and taking off clothes you have been wearing outside to avoid allergens being transferred.

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Take a shower or bath and wash your hair before going to bed as pollen sticks to your hair, which can transfer to your pillow.

Try to keep car windows shut when driving.