Watch your speed

Police in Devon say the chances of catching speeding motorists are increased as the force joins a Europe-wide campaign.

SPEEDING MOTORISTS are being warned to slow down as police in Devon join a Europe-wide crackdown.

Devon and Cornwall police will be joining other forces in the United Kingdom to support the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) as part of a speed enforcement campaign and are warning drivers that their chances of being caught speeding will be increased.

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary will support TISPOL initiatives in promoting road safety across the EU where there is a target to cut fatalities on the road by 40 per cent by 2020.

Inspector Richard Pryce, the roads policing lead for the force, said: “This is a good opportunity to demonstrate support across the EU policing network to promote road safety.

“The campaign demonstrates the resolve of police forces across Europe in tackling this issue. The chances of being caught when driving at excessive speed will be increased.

“Although, our officers take the same approach to speeding all year-round, we will show our support for the TIPSOL campaign by collating data over the period.”

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Police patrols across Devon and Cornwall will be vigilant regarding vehicle speeds throughout the period.

Local neighbourhood teams will focus on their own speed reduction initiatives, particularly in communities which have expressed speeding concerns.

Data from the campaign will be collated through the period.