We place our trust in council

Well done East Devon District Council - or not!! We received our official Poll Cards for June 4, 2009.

Well done East Devon District Council - or not!!We received our official Poll Cards for June 4, 2009. It stated the Polling Station was Honiton Red Cross Hall! This does not exist now, as MOST people would know!If I remember correctly, last time we had poll cards, we had this same problem. We were then issued with new poll cards with the right polling station address. I wonder why we were sent four polling cards in the first place.I rang the council to ask why this has happened again. I was told "it should be the Age Concern". So I asked, "Why print the Red Cross Hall?"With no apology, I was made to feel I was a nuisance to have pointed out their error. Maybe someone in the council should have checked before printing. I also wonder at whose expense? No doubt, it will be the taxpayer.Why can't the council admit to their mistakes - yet again? Unbelievable!Some people are confused. It is astonishing that something so simple cannot be done correctly in the first place.To think we place our trust in the council, just like we do in the government!!!Mrs I JeevesWoodhill ViewHoniton

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