We should stand lup for Seaton

Why, oh why, does everybody want to destroy the gem we have in Seaton?

Why, oh why, does everybody want to destroy the gem we have in Seaton? What with EDDC placing nothing in their annual budget for tourism, the Tourist Information Centre losing the support of it's own council ( which I personally think is disgusting), especially with the holiday camp closing. Don't people realise the amount of hard work and dedication that has been put into making the tourist centre the success it is for the guest houses and knowledge they have to offer the visitors.The street fairs being cancelled because of greed from EDDC regarding licensing.These street fairs have been going for many years and have grown considerably, never causing any trouble, in fact, completely the opposite. They have been thoroughly enjoyed and also have served as a meeting place for many of the residents of Seaton and a welcome touch for the visitors.Can I please ask what our county councillors are doing about the future of Seaton and also our town council? Why does everybody just sit back and let this happen and not fight for what we deserve to help our wonderful town to go forward and thrive.I seem to remember that eight people were voted on to the council with their logo 'stand up for Seaton', why are they no longer standing up for Seaton now they have been elected.We have a lot to look forward to, with the visitor centre and the future regeneration. Please, I beg you all, let us stand up and be counted instead of just being trodden on.Ray Morgan57 Boundary ParkSeaton