WEB POLL: Should Honiton moles be exterminated?

Honiton’s Millennium Green has been invaded.

A MOLE invasion has been causing a heap of trouble in Honiton’s Millennium Green.

The problem was revealed during a meeting of Honiton Town Council last Monday when a report was given on the Millennium Green.

Trustee Liz Tirard said: “We have been invaded by moles again and these will have to be professional eliminated.”

Councillors raised concerns about the methods that would be used to deal with the moles and asked the Trustees to consider alternative options.

The Millennium Green Trust is also reviewing the care of the plants in the Green as a result of expert advice.

She added: “It is likely further thinning will be carried out with a view to enabling long lived trees and shrubs to develop their full potential.”

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The council also heard that there had been a small problem of litter on the site.

“There is a small problem of litter, some seemingly thrown over the fence from the Glen footpath, but, the Green continues to be a popular and well patronised public amenity for the town,” said Mrs Tirard.

The future boundary between the Glen footpath and the Green is also under consideration due to the state of the chain link fence currently in place.

In addition to this work parties have been scheduled for February and March to prune and tidy the Millennium Green,